The Process

Step 1

Project Identified

Quantum Real Estate Partners Pty Ltd (Quantum) identifies the apartment project and completes due diligence on the project. Project profit is agreed. A PDS is issued for this particular project, with an agreed discount on purchasing an apartment, and the required capital that each investor is required to invest into the Quantum Residential Property Investment (the Trust).

Step 2


Investor pays their project equity amount in the Trust.

Step 3

Apartment Selection

Investor choose and reserves an apartment, typically with a non-refundable holding deposit, and a property contract is issued, A 10% deposit is required and an investment in the Trust of an amount, as detailed in the PDS or the web site. Contract of sale provides for an adjustment at settlement, that is linked your development proceeds from your investment in the development project (refer to the calculation provided when reserving an apartment).

Step 4


Construction commences after the Trust has raised the necessary capital as outlined in the PDS.

Upon the completion of the Project construction program, settlements will occur.

Step 5


Project completes. Investor settles their apartment at contract price less both the 10% holding deposit and your QREAL proceeds from the investment in the Trust.

Shortly afterwards the QREAL investment in the Trust we be repaid.