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Important Disclaimer

These calculations are provided by Qsmart Securities Pty Ltd (AFSL 307396) (“QSmart”) it is not a Statement of Advice. It does not take into account the financial objectives needs or situation of any person. Any information that is generated using this illustration (“Generated Information”) is provided by QSmart. The Generated Information is not and must not be represented as general or personal advice by QSmart to the client. The Generated Information is not a statement published by QSmart or a recommendation or statement of opinion or report by QSmart that is intended to influence clients to invest in QREAL. It is important that the investor understand that:
  1. the Generated Information is hypothetical information for illustrative purposes only and must not be taken to be in any way a guarantee of the future circumstances that will apply in connection with an investment or the benefits to be derived from it by an investor;
  2. the Generated Information includes and depends upon information selected by QSmart from the options available in the various fields in the calculator QSmart makes no representation that the options provided are sufficient or correct;
  3. by completing the various fields, QSmart makes assumptions about circumstances that may or may not apply in the future;
  4. the Generated Information is based on those assumptions and the extent to which the Generated Information will be accurate depends on the extent to which the assumptions reflect the actual position in the future;
  5. the results ultimately achieved may differ materially from the Generated Information.
  6. Taxation information is of a general nature and is dependent upon a continuation of tax law and their interpretation.
  7. Investors must read the QREAL PDS for the particular Project, for the investment prior to making a decision to invest.
  8. Figures provided by third parties have not been verified by QSmart. Investors should assess the reliability of figures provided and make their own enquiries as to the suitability of all information prior to investing.
  9. Investors should read the appropriate PDS for the particular QREAL Project in full including the Risk section.

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