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The Process

Quantum identifies the project and completes due diligence. Project profit is agreed. PDS is issued.

Investor pays their project equity amount.

Investor chooses their apartment and pays 10% deposit. Contract of sale provides for a rebate.

Project is constructed.

Project completes. Investor settles their apartment at contract price 10% deposit less agreed for a rebate.

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What is QREAL?

The QREAL program offers investors the opportunity to invest into selected residential apartment projects. The investor generates investment profit and has the flexibility to use these proceeds to settle as a discounted in the selected project, or take as cash and on-sell the apartment at project completion.

This involves an investment in the Quantum Residential Property Trust ARSN 165 569 335 (the Trust), which is a managed investment scheme registered under Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC). The Trust will inject funds into the development either via equity ownership, loans or agreement, i.e. into the Land holding vehicle, and in return each investor is an indirect investor in the development, with the ability to use the proceeds to settle your apartment at a reduced amount or take them as cash. The reduction is set in advance, in a standard sales contract with a special condition that reflects the development proceeds to be taken at settlement.

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