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Information about the Offer in the PDS may change from time to time, if the change is not materially adverse to Investors and the RE wishes to provide that information to investors, then the RE will make such information available on this web page.

Section 14.25

Quantum has altered the terms on which it will provide the purchaser with a COS following exercise of the Call Option by the purchaser. Under the terms of Call Option described in the PDS in 14.25, the Call Option was cancelled and is of no force or effect if Quantum had not provided the purchaser with a COS executed by the Vendor by 30 June 2014. This term has been replaced with a term that provides that Quantum may cancel a COS if the minimum subscription is not met by 30 June 2014. The minimum subscription is the Minimum Subscription Amount described in 3.3.2 of the PDS.

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